Faith Tabernacle held its first Youth Purity Workshop on February 20, 2016 and it was a great success!! We had 17 young people in attendance and 11 committee members The young people shared, had a good time and we're glad they came. The workshop had a breakout session, seperatin the youth into male and female groups where Minister worked with the males and his wife worked with the females.. They then came back together for a question and answer session with Pastor and Lady Whitehurst.

They had some really good questions and they took of lot of positive information in. Lunch was provided by ABC Catering, owned by Tonya and Rodney Beaty.

The committee was absolutely wonderful! They were prompt and hepful in every way possible. It really was ateam effort

DSC00235I believe that for a while we were in a storm but now that the rain has settled and the storm clouds have passed we have more room to rebuild not only our church as a whole but also ourselves as individuals. Moving into the new church has opened new opportunities for us and allowed everyone to worship and praise the Lord more freely.

We are a church with a story, a testimony of how God will pick you up and move you from an unfortunate situation and bring you through to the other side and continue to bestow blessing upon blessing on those that are faithful to Him. We come together to praise the Lord not only as a congregation but as a family and now that we are officially moved in, we can focus more on GOD'S work, which is to minister to the community and draw more people to Christ!

I believe God has many things in store for all of us at Faith Tabernacle Church of Spartanburg after all we are a Fresh Start!

Romans 8:28 says: And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose. #GODHASAPLAN!

Christian Smith

The Youth Ministry has created an online registry for items needed for their classes. These items will benefit our children for Sunday school, the nursery and youth church. Our goal is to teach and to provide our children with the tools they need to have their own relationship with Jesus Christ.

We have chosen items from chalk to chairs and a bunch in between. If you have any questions about anything we have chosen please ask Sis. Jennifer Smith or Sis. Gina Rhode and we will be happy to explain. We also invite you to join us ANYTIME to sit in on our classes and see for yourself how God is working in our youth ministry. The kids would love to share what they know with you!

Also, help is needed during church services for the nursery. If interested, please see Sis. Jennifer Smith. The goal is to have enough volunteers so there will be two adults every Sunday. A schedule will be made and you will only miss one Sunday morning service per month. Eventually we will have live feed from church service in the nursery as well.

To donate:

  1. Go to www.
  2. Select "Baby Registry"
  3. Find First/Last Name and enter Jennifer Smith
  4. Select "South Carolina" for state
  5. Find "Jennifer Smith and Gina Rhode's Registry"
  6. Select and shop online or print registry and shop at store

Than you for your support, Jennifer and Gina

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