There are some enticing elements that enriched the ministry and history of the church that are worthy of our adoption and adaptation. There are seven areas of ministry interest that are discovered when examining the birth of the church in the New Testament, namely:

Exciting Praise and Worship - A genuine "in Spirit and in Truth" Praise and Worship of God attitude that was constituent from day-to-day.

Extraordinary Evangelism - Reaching the lost at all cost, consistently introducing people to Jesus and His life-changing gospel message

Creative Christian Education - Consistently studying and applying the word of God, discovering new truth and principles to live by on a daily basis.

Unity in the Community of Believers - Consistently working to develop significant relationships with other believers, befriending, encouraging, and holding one another accountable.

Serious Stewardship - Joyfully contributing to the cause of the Christ on a consistent basis.

Sympathetic Service To Those In Need - Consistently engaging in prayer for one another, devoting time and talents to helping others in need. They had a passion for compassionate care and concern for each other. They loved with a genuine love.

A Reliance On Leadership - They respected the authority God had placed before them, and relied on God to do what needs to be done in the authoritative figure to et them what they needed and where they needed to be, and this also was a consistent practice.

Therfore, our Church must be saturated with a determination that is rooted in all of the above elements of ministry. We must remain alert and aware of the ineffectiveness of some churhces, namely tarditional ones, if we are to be effective in our Church. We must fight to keep the spirit of irrelevence, negativity, and tradition from rising up in us by examining and scrutinizing every ministry leader and activity to ensure proper alignment with the Scriptures. As the Great Philosopher, Aristotle, once said "the unexamined life is not worth living." Equally, the unexamined and unintentional ministry activity is not worth doing unless we van justify through the Scriptures its need for implementation and propagation.

As Faith Tabernacle we must always work within the parameters of God's will as it is outlined in the Scriptures. We must seek to transcend mere existence or survival, to being a highly purposeful, effective, visible, viable, and reliable ministry. We must consistently work to improve the quality of all our ministry engagements and endeavors. Excellence must be the motivation behind every aspect of our operation. As an agency of significant life transformation, we are

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