In order to carry out the mission and vision of this ministry we must develop strong leadership in leaders who can and will lead the people to this level of ministry.

A comprehension of our comprehensive vision.

      • Understanding the articulated statements of purpose.
      • Understanding the deployment mechanism for achievement of that purpose.
      • Understand the function and flow of leadership association.

A confirmation of our covenant and commitment.

      • Attitude
      • Acclamation
      • Articulation
      • Anticipation
      • Attendance

Communication with a common voice.

      • Study, glean and review all of the Leadership's teachings.
      • Construct communication to reflect the "spirit" and "doctrine" of the Leadership's teaching
      • Cover the leadership when communicating policy, procedures or handling problems.
      • Confront all personal behavioral, attitude and communicative character to the spirit of the leaders.
      • Communicate with consideration of "your level" of authority and relationship.

The concensus for excellence.

      • We will develop and demonstrate a "passion" for Excellence.
      • We will never settle for mediocrity in our work, product, praise or purpose.
      • We will strive to reflect the spirit, passion, care concern and love of our Leaders for the people.
      • We will conduct our personal lives with integrity, decency and honesty.
      • We will strive to glorify God in all that we do and say.
      • We will continually position ourselves to improve our resourceful abilities to our Leadership.
      • We will commit ourselves to being an ever learning and comprehending Church.
      • We will thrive to build a family team and demonstrate leadership with strong relationship.


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