Our immediate community consists largely of a growing number people. Some of which, are in desperate need of assistance. With that understanding, we will work to provide them with assistance, whether it is spiritually , mentally, physically or economically. Also, there are an even larger number of Baby Boomers and Baby Busters who constitute a growing population in our area. They are highly educated and 90% of them are business and professional-minded people. However, they are also in need of the same or similar assistance. Therefore, if we are to reach these people with the life-changing message of the Gospel of Jesus Christ, Then we must have a strategy. To develop this strategy we must question our ministry's objectives.

  • Who should we target to develop a total life-changing church?
  • What should we offer that is not being offered now?
  • When should this be instituted?
  • Where should this be instituted?
  • Why should this be instituted?
  • How can we institute it?

The answers to these questions will help us to be purposeful in our ministry engagement, give credence to our values and authenticate our kingdom building effort.


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